Keller High School Choir Solo Contest

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


The KHS Solo Contest is open to all choir students, particularly those taking voice lessons.

Members of the Varsity Treble and Varsity Mixed Choirs must learn a solo which constitutes a major project grade. They do not have to participate in the contest but those not participating in the contest must send in a video in lieu of the contest.  A selection of songs for those students without a voice instructor can be found on Google Classroom.

The Solo Contest is an in-person event with judges and an accompanist. OR

Singers may opt to do the virtual contest by sending in a video by Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Judges will listen to and critique each video.

Fee is $20 for either in-person or virtual contest participation (paid in cash or by check made out to KHS Choir) and is due by March 3, 2021.

Safety protocols will be in place including safe distancing between students waiting to sing, entering and leaving by separate entrances, wearing of masks, judges sitting at least 12 feet from the singer, accompanists playing behind a plexiglass wall, etc.

Singer’s should arrive no more than 20 minutes before his/her performance time and wait in designated area.

Singers must be dressed appropriately. No jeans or tennis shoes.  Suggestions:  nice slacks, button-down shirt, dress shoes, dress, skirt, nice pants and blouse.