Booster Membership – Maestro Level

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Booster Membership – Maestro Level ($250.00 – $500.00)
Included in Membership: 2 KHS Choir Decals & 2 KHS Choir Sweatshirts, additional perks and special seating dependent on this year’s schedule of events
*Please include the sweatshirt sizes at checkout  (spirit wear is from previous years)

KHS Choir Boosters: Boosting Choir Higher!

Voices for Choir’ Booster Club is an organization with a common goal of supporting the entire choir department at KHS; students and directors!

We Provide… 

  • College scholarships to continue music studies
  • Voice lesson scholarships
  • Banquet costs for Seniors
  • Equipment (i.e. improved sound system)
  • Choir expenses not covered by KISD
  • Volunteers
  • All the little extras

It takes all of us to provide the additional support that our choirs need to be successful.

Please join us in supporting our singers!