Welcome to Keller Choir

Chi-Chi King, Director
Zach Steele, Assistant Director

Check often for information, updates, registration forms, and other instructions, etc.  Go to our Calendar to see all events and details.

What's New

Sound System Update 

Booster Club will be funding a new sound system for our choirs!  Research has begun to locate the best system for our needs.

Upcoming Events
  • Solo/Ensemble Contest (March 2nd)
  • Booster Club Meeting (March 5th)
  • Booster Club Meeting (April 2nd)
  • UIL Contest/Concert (April 4-5th)
  • TRIBE Spring Show (April 25th)
  • Booster Club Meeting (May 7th)
  • Choir Banquet (May 4th)
  • Choir Spring Show (May 18th)